16 X 20 Pastel Painting.  Diagnosis is a painting that represents my emotional cancer journey.  I am inspired by the works of people with cancer and the ones closest to them.  The Lillyoncologyoncanvas website is where you can view these amazing artists,  

The spiral is representational of the thoughts and feelings that I have experienced and continue to as I make my way through my journey. Notice how it's huge and overwhelming.

The figure is me.  I am in my most vulnerable state. I am scared and have all of the thoughts swirling around me all the time.

I wear a pink ribbon in my hair to represent the support and loving care from family, friends, doctors, nurses, and everyone involved in my care.

Diagnosed with breast cancer July 5th, 2012 this painting is a way for me to reveal the horrible emotional pain that comes from this disease.  I am only starting my journey and I can't help think of the souls that have left the fight.  It makes you realize your mortality.

I am not sure if this will be the only painting, but I feel that the time is right to reveal this one.  Thank you for taking the time to visit me during my journey.


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About laura

I am a self taught artist and have always had a passion for art and creating. I am inspired by nature and everyday beauty.  I have worked in watercolor, acrylics and charcoal but truly love the pure color and immediacy of Pastels.  I currently work full time in the medical field, but constantly find myself thinking about the next creation.