detail crop of Tattooed Angel

 One part of the Angel's tattoo: spark of life given by the Lord Jesus is funneled by cherubs toward an aerial view of earth.

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Sharyne E Walker

About Sharyne E Walker

 Most often working under a 10 diopter magnifying glass and with brushes
sometimes containing as few as 3 hairs, Sharyne's work is technically
exquisite. Technique aside, Walker incorporates her soul into each piece
with a mixture of love and wry sense of humor. Sharyne was officially
declared an American Master in 1996 at the first International Exhibition
of National Acrylic Painters Associations of England and the USA, 1990
Laureat Grand Prix de Paris l'Exposition Internationale d'Arts and winner
of more awards, both national and international, than could possibly be
named in one article.
b 1949 Education mainly in the sciences

The First Temptation is included in the Williamsburg Art and Historical Centers "Militon Collection" in New York.

Paintings included in exhibitions at Cork Street Gallery in London, KIRKCUDBRIGHT, Scotland,  Chapelle de la Sorbonne, 1990, PARIS, FRANCE. awarded LAUREATE of the Grand Prix de Paris by the city of Paris, by invitation of the Minister of Culture, France