Deadest Dreams And Livest Nightmares (GLOWS IN THE DARK)

Deadest Dreams And Livest Nightmares

Dimensions: 2 ft,6 in long x 3 ft,2 in wide

This painting has 3 sides,a front side,a backside and a glow in the dark side which illuminates under fluorescent light.the first side you see in the video was made entirely out of glue and construction paper only.The second side was drawn on,a also added a few rhinestones to give it a little extra shine,this is also the side with the glow in the dark feature,Check it out!

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Welcome to my  page,here you can see my artwork,leave a comment or two if you want.You can add me on one of my other links provided on my link section to keep up with my latest projects,or eliminate me completely from your phone,computer or laptop forever and ever,that's up to you.As you can see from my videos and photos,i create paintings,mostly double sided,mostly glow in the dark,some sides have rhinestones,others are put together by only construction paper and glue,just different variations of those things.I have more than a few projects coming up very soon,so keep up,and keep track,keep watching!