Cowboy Team Watercolor

12×15 watercolor on Arches 140 cp.  Inspired by a 5×7 picture of  Tex and his team roping partner.  A cowboy I knew as a child.  First person to ever put me on a horse.  circa 1950's..


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Kay Lodahl

About Kay Lodahl

Started painting about one and a half years ago.  Didn't have any clue I could do it and I have loved watercolor art all my life.  There is so much to know about this wonderful art media.... I am just overwhelmed at times.  Seems like I don't have enough time to learn it all so I have become obsessed with learning all I can.  I believe the biggest plus to my learning curve is to just paint.  There is a lot of value in experience alone.  

I hope you enjoy my "attempts".  I love comments and compliments and critique.  Thank you very much.