Country Roads, an original painting by contemporary artist Sunny Williams

This time of year is beautiful here in West Virginia. "Country Roads" is a scene in my county with leaves full on and then leaves almost off. It depends on how the tree is setting in the wind patterns I suppose as to how long the leaves stay. Hope you enjoy it! It's available for 199 plus 20 shipping and handling

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Sunny Willliams

About Sunny Willliams

After operating a successful portrait studio (photography) for many years, my focus has shifted to painting. I still love photography but since moving to rural West Virginia a few years ago, I have more time to devote to painting. I try to paint every day and love the creative process it allows.

My art process is a combination of my experience with Photography and a love of the Traditional Arts.  I feel that being a Professional Photographer lends itself well to painting since I have an established eye for things visually appealing.


You can follow subscribe to my blog at  and peruse my gallery on Facebook/pages/sunnysstudio