Contemplating Woman

Some people ask me if there is any meaning to the elements in my paintings. Well, I guess the best way to explain that is to say "I don't want people standing around for hours wasting their time trying to figure out what I mean."  Actually there is no metaphor, no underlying message or complex psychological meaning to anything I create. It's a butterfly, a woman, a glass of wine and a window from Frank Lloyd Wright. Put them all together and what do you have…a butterfly, a woman, a glass of wine and a window from Frank Lloyd Wright.  It's all things that roll around in my head and come out in my hand.  When you think about it it is a wonderful process.   

We need to have some fun with painting, and it doesn't always have to be some statement on the world we live in which is complex enough without making peoples lives even more complicated or stressful by wondering what the imagery represents or means. Although I do respect the fact that we have many artists who do make profound statements on our world, and I think we need them to have the freedom to do that. I just want to enjoy the remaining years that I have left.    

By the way; thank you for the kind remarks about my other work. I do really appreciate it.  

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After serving in the United States Navy during the Vietnam Conflict I pursued a career in commercial art.  For 35 years I have been a designer, art director, creative director, executive and then decided to go out on my own which I have never regretted. The only advice I can give to anyone who is just starting a career in the arts is to Follow Your Bliss. I never listened to, or associated with, negative people who continuously talk about defeat and negativity. It's a disease.  The arts are a tremendously challenge but also provide tremendous opportunities. If your goal is life is strictly to make money go become an Investment Banker or Lawyer.  On the other hand if you want fulfillment, spirituality without having to practice an organized religion, a true sense of feeling a certain of degree of Freedom, and possibly making a contribution to something bigger than yourself,  try the arts.   

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