Coming Home_20x24_Oil on Canvas

Sheep are fragile creatures.  They get scattered  easily; confused; frightened; in constant need of a guiding hand, a shepherd, or they die.  In His Word, God refers to His people as sheep, and Jesus, their Shepherd.  Whether a person is a lost soul in search of safety and security, or one who knows Christ as his Savior but having been led astray, the comfort of being in the fold is never out of reach.  The painting, Coming Home, depicts these souls on their journey into the loving care of the Great Shepherd.  The sheep are coming from the desert, hot, dry and desolate, into an oasis where Living Water flows fresh and free.  They rest in the shade of the olive tree, itself a symbol of home and peace, where Jesus sits with His staff – an instrument used for gathering the flock to Himself.  The River of Life provides refreshment; nourishment; and is a symbol of the sustenance found in God's Word and constant fellowship with Him.  Jesus reaches to caress the sheep and lambs, to comfort and reassure them of their safety in His shadow.

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Stephanie Mummert

About Stephanie Mummert

I am a Pennsylvania native who comes from a family of gifted artists and musicians.  My first memories of drawing were in elementary school when my art teacher, white-haired Mrs. Marstellar, would wheel her cart of paints, paper and glue into the classroom and teach the children how to draw using her fingers as tools of measurement.  “Come in two fingers from the left edge and put a dot…”  My older brother, Joe Becker, is a published artist who studied the work of the late Andrew Wyeth.  It was his skill and love for painting that first made me think about how to nurture my own God-given abilities. 

I studied art as a major at the Spring Grove Area High School in South Central Pennsylvania, winning the honor of Most Artistic my senior year in 1986.  It's not the most prestigious of awards, but I hang onto it.  I continued my studies at the Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography in York, PA where I majored in Interior Design.  I continue to tutor myself in drawing and painting through books, magazines, and the internet, always wanting to learn more, ever grateful to those masters that have taken the time to share their wisdom and experiences.