Colors of Spring

5" x 5", oil on masonite. Painted mostly with a small flat sable brush (cheap); veining on butterfly wings scratched with tip of spatula.

This little painting is based on a photo reference I took at an arboretum last year. I love macro-photography because it gives the viewer a chance to take a moment to marvel at the beauty that has been created in even the tiniest aspects of nature…it's everywhere if you stop and notice. 😉


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About John

I'm a self-taught professional artist and muralist from the Philadelphia, PA area. I've been painting for about 10 years now, after having spent the previous 10 years as a biochemist working in medical research, biotech and the pharmaceutical industry. So, I'm still working with chemicals, only now it's oil paints!

My primary inspiration are the abstract lines and shapes of nature. Especially now that it seems we are losing a lot of our open space to suburban sprawl and starting to wake up to the preciousness and fragility of our environment, I feel a strong desire to share the beauty I see in the smallest or grandest expression of nature with others. I have always felt a deep connection to the earth and hope to inspire others through my art.