Colorado Vista

I painted this from a photo I took last summer in Keystone, Colorado.  It was late in the day and the colors were marvelous.

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Josi Callan

About Josi Callan

I have devoted my life to the enhancement of the arts.  As an artist, a museum director, a curator and an executive of numerous nonprofit organizations, I believe I have acquired a multi-dimensional perspective on the creative process.


My enthusiasm for the arts began very early, with my Father, who was an artist. He could do almost anything with a bit of paper, water colors and ink.  I began painting in my teens, continued through college and then turned to a career in the nonprofits.  Several years ago, I was able to return full-time to my first love, painting.


My strong attachment with nature and my surroundings has been a meaningful constant in my life. I am inspired by what I see; a newly opened rose or peony, the deep magenta of a cactus flower, a disappearing trail, all present numerous possibilities.  I aim to create a bit of magic with each painting.