Clowns Have to Eat Too

This was a drawing inspired by a photograph taken by a Fantastic photographer.

The story is that she had seen the clown leaving McDonald’s in his Pick-Up Truck and while at the light she snapped a photo.


I was so inspired by the story I decided to draw the clown who goes by the name DayLate.

Please comment on my work.  Its the reason I take the time to add it to sites like this.  Without comments it’s just another image on the internet!

David Corrigan

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David Corrigan

My passion in life is ...   well it's my wife, Candace. I also have a great love for computer programming and mobile technology.  I'm currently a grad student at a University here in New York for Computer Science.  This last January I began doodling.  This doodling has expanded into a new love of drawing.  I try to devote a few hours a day to drawing.  

I blame my mother for her love as an artist for taking a few more hours out of the day to draw. [;)]