Cloud Factory

6X8  acrylic

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About Naomi

I am in my early fifties and live on the prairies in Canada. I am both a mother and a grandmother. I love to paint, and write and play guitar and bead.

I grew up in the 1960’s with a single mother who had obtained a degree in Fine Arts and worked as a commercial artist. As she wanted to stay home with her children, she worked from home for various clothing stores. I remember our dining room would be filled with various samples of clothing items that she was working on for flyers, ads, etc. Every once and a while, one of us kids would say, “Oh… can I wear this?” and she would sigh, “no… it’s a sample”.

We always had an array of art books in our home.  Beautiful books!... with wonderful paintings from famous artists mostly. Often when if we were bored, my mother would say, “look at an art book…enjoy the colours”. – and I did! :0)

Later to make extra income, my mother advertised and offered Art Lessons in our home. For ALL ages!!! That was a really fun period. She had a group of adults that came in the afternoons when we were away at school…but on some evenings and on Saturdays there would be children. She had the basement set up and her and a fellow artist friend would have groups of children running about with painting smocks on, laughing and having fun. Glass water jars of various sizes spread out all over and paint brushes scattered about…often forgotten or simply disgarded. It wasn’t a tidy working environment, but it was a lot of fun!  My mother and her friend had the philosophy that there was never anything ‘wrong’ with a painting. It was the artist’s interpretation. Nothing had to be perfect or the same or similar as the next persons. They were always encouraging to everyone and my mother relayed how satisfying it was to help bring a beginner to the realization that “yes! They CAN paint”… there is art in all of us.

Although, I watched a lot of painting going on… and I have painted a little on and off over the years,  it has just been in the past five year s or so that I have really taken to painting as a passion of my own. I have always loved art… and now I am trying to discover and uncover my personal artist inside!... I don’t have a degree or special training…but I have a definite heart for art! and love to feel the colours come alive and experiment! I work mostly in acrylic and am just recently learning to enjoy sketching. There is alot to learn and this site is providing alot of amazing free instruction!

Having this wonderful forum to come into is a gift! I am very new here as a member and so far am enjoying coming in every day!... I am amazed at all the gifted and beautiful artists here. To be able to walk freely through the members gallery every day and see new work is sheer joy! So many artists to learn from. I have also noted how generous members here are with their encouragement and advice to everyone! I have learnt so much already and am very glad to be here.