Climbing Bear, 12×9, oil on canvas

This painting was done just after a workshop in march with Greg Beecham. Using his photo reference, he had me trying to color harmonize by limiting my pallet to alizarin crimson, yellow ochre, and ultramarine blue. The colors that resulted were drastically different than what would have became of a full color pallet. Mr. Beecham was correct about the color harmonies and the knowledge you can learn by pushing only three colors to create what the brain can interpret as lifelike. If anyone can take a workshop from him I highly recommend it. He is a superior human being.

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Paint. Its all I think about. The process of capturing mood and history by starting with a white canvas is what gets me up in the morning. To look back at all the paintings done, each one telling their own story of my life and how the surroundings interacted with me there. Most of all trying to capture those moments of connection between wild animals, lighting, and myself. There is no more gratifying field than that of an artist.