Clean Water Is The Best Water! By Mr George D Patnoe Jr!

Drawn from a photograph in the Wall Street Journal. A link about water….

The dark lines under his arm will be corrected with a disappearance.

The photograph was taken by Jake Lyell, who I do not know personally.  But I thought the photo sent such an important message to people who read the Wall Street Journal, and I truly felt like I could let other people view that important message by my drawing a boy being so happy that he was able to obtain clean water. 

If anyone has ever traveled outside of America as I have, you learn very quickly how valuable clean water truly is.  I would personally state, on the record, that clean water is more valuable than gold.  No person can drink gold, nor can life on earth exist without clean water.  That includes keeping the oceans clean too!  So it is about time that clean water for every human being should be on the top ten list for every government in the world.

If all governments stopped spending money on killing war machines and weapons of war and death, and instead spent more money on clean water that all human beings need to drink, etc., how would that simple act change the human species?  Clean drinking water with no more war.  That is a good holiday message if you ask me.  Less dirty blood, more cleaner water!

I hope every viewer enjoys the picture.  I have a few more drawings I want to post before the year is over.  I hope every viewer enjoys those drawings too.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all artists who post here, to all of the viewers, and to all of the people who work at Artistdaily.

And Happy New Year too!

Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!

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