City Life – Going Places

oil painting on gallery stretched canvas size 24"x30".

Palette knife and thick undaluted paints are used to creat this work.

Please visit my website to have a look at all my "City Life" series of paintings:


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Mary Papas

About Mary Papas

From a very early age I started sketching everything on sight. Later when I could dedicate more time to art, I attended advanced painting classes for four years developing and learning different styles and techniques from leading professional art teachers. Also, I studied the old impressionist and the later more modern works of art.


When painting I always have a concept in mind taken from the world around me or from my very deep-set traditions of my Greek culture and history past and present.

Also living in four different countries of diverse religions and cultures, through my growing-up years, has prepared me for a spiritual journey in which I can only express in my paintings.


My preferred method of painting is with a palette knife. I like the clarity of the undiluted buttery texture of thick paint and the sharp contrast of the different hues. I sculpture my shapes on my two dimensional surfaces.


I work mostly from sketches I do as a preliminary work for a painting working out the composition and set the tone of the painting.

For my modern conceptual paintings, using figures and a lot of geometric shapes, I base my composition on the trusted "golden section" based on a mathematical division of line (1.618) it is a bit tedious to work out, but the results are always successful.