Christmas Painting 2009

Hello Everyone,

My Christmas Painting is somewhat a yearly holiday tradition; here is the one for this year of 2009.  Watercolour on Arches 140lb rough paper, 18”x24”, 2009

The year 2009 has been a difficult one for many, beside the usual countries in conflict and natural disasters.  The world also faced financial melt-down, millions lost their jobs and life saving. Some of my friends and family also face old age, illness and death.
 However, during my daily walk around the city, there are many simple things in life reminded me there still hope and joy. 
This year Christmas painting is inspired by one of these daily treasures I witness: during the spring time for a few short days when the tulips in bloom. There were many houses some were expensive and some were not however they all offered me enjoyment with blooms from their gardens to enjoy.  One house in Chinatown has some of the most exquisite tulips in their prime.  These most gorgeous orange tulips with its lacy edges (fancy frills tulip), like I had never seen before
From late morning to early afternoon, the sunlight shinning from behind they were the most glorious. I make a point, everyday around the same time to take photos of them. Even the street was a well travel one but everyone was too busy to stop and admires them. No doubt, the owner must hard at work to paid for their home and provide for their family. Sometimes I wish the owner should have the chance to experience the joy these beautiful tulips gave me.
May you all find the simple joy in life!


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