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Jen Kirchner

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"Remember the world has an agenda for you and your authenticity is not anywhere on that agenda...." Edward Degas

.....I work in series. I do not like to create an individual work unless it is a commission. I prefer to explore, to stretch the idea, to push it, whether it is through medium, color, drawing skill, repetition, multiple canvas, etc. I primarily paint, though I do a lot of printmaking, and photography, stand-alone or as support. Traditionally and academically trained, I believe in discipline- you should practice your skills, carry a sketchbook, camera, study art history. I have recently taken up the clarinet after a twenty year hiatus, and am re-teaching myself the basics bit by bit, practicing scales, tone. Then, when done, I play for FUN. With a foundation from accredited university teachers, some I have known for 25 years or more (one mentor is also a former Marine, ouch...)- I have my rebellious side. I also passionately believe in freedom of expression, not so much through direct depiction of emotion, but through free application of paint and idea. Freedom of expression, communication, in art.

Busy from twelve months of showing- I've returned to the easel and am working on expressionist/realist paintings of the undeveloped wild side of the river...