Chief Walking Shooter- Corel Painter Software

This is a freehand painting done in Corel Painter computer software. I love doing these, I've done a lot of them, but I don't know how to sell any of them. I show them on my on-line art Galleries, and in 3 years, I've sold 1 16x 20 print and 2 cards! So I mainly stick now to the art that leaves me with something to hold in my hands!

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Matthew Thornburg

About Matthew Thornburg

Texas born Artist Matthew Thornburg has for many, many years continued to refine his self taught skills in the traditional media of oils, watercolors, pastels, charcoals, and of late, computer generated artworks. His works in realism have been displayed in many Galleries in Texas and Colorado, and currently shows at the Adobe Western Art Gallery as a home Gallery. Matthew's art encompasses western, wildlife, portraiture, murals, landscapes, and the changing western scene. He considers each work personal and a gift to his fans and clients. Matthew has been called a Renaissance man because he is a Musician, playing pro guitar and bass, composing his own music, photographer, a carpenter, craftsman, working in multiple building trades to supplement his art. An organic gardener, outdoors man, animal lover etc.. He does whatever it takes to survive as an artist in the 21st century!