cherry tree…plein air

another attempt at the greenery around here …plein air ..what u think

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Charles Mosteller

About Charles Mosteller

  My great journey into art began when I was only 5 years old. I realized that I could draw from memory and from what I could see. I was hooked. From there on winning several school art shows just fueled my desire to learn more. Working in black and white through those years gave me a great understanding of values.

     Later on into my twenties I started exploring color. With an ability that was desired, I was fortunate enough to make a living doing commercial advertising for local businesses as well as automotive art. How ever this was not satisfying my craving for fine art...The ability of portraying thoughtful beauty. I wanted to learn why things intrigued my eyes so much and  how to interpret that information to my viewer.

       I found my answer in studying the artwork of masters like Rembrandt,Velazquez and David Leffel . I am self taught in the manner in which I have never attended an art school, but I feel that I have done a great deal of learning from many great artist of the past, present,and  to continue in the future.

     My goals are to  show  respect to all the things we take for granted everyday and to freeze it in an everlasting, thoughtful way. I want the viewer see why I took time to paint and appreciate the beauty of a subject. I also will continue to grow in knowledge toward my art, for this is my true joy......Knowledge. 



Awards...only entered into one award show

Anderson art center annual juried art show 2009.....won award of merit for "self portrait"

juror...Michael W. Haga, Assistant Dean at the College of Charleston's School of the Arts.