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I was a  subscriber to  American Artists many years ago and felt that it was filled with pictures and articles that an aspiring artist needed.  At an alarming rate and under great protest  I have become a "senior"  and I am wanting to get back into my art.  My past projects have been  labors of love and usually ended up in family and friends homes.   My most praised oil was actually a picture of a ''roper" on horseback trying to lasso a calf.  I did this on a mailbox for my son-in-law (he was a roper).  Funny, now I wish that I had also done it on canvas because the mailbox is long gone.  A lesson was learned with that one.  I am a self-taught artist, although, I had a very good and supportive art teacher in high school.   After losing my dad last year I found a written description of each of his children and he wrote about me saying, "Jan is really good at drawing.  I feel that the reason she is good is because I always wanted to draw but couldn't".  I must take it up again.  Maybe this site will give me encouragement.   Update: I have recently been able to have my very first gallery showing at the Black River Art Gallery in Poplar Bluff, MO.  When somebody ask me, "What is your motivation for doing the show? "Is it because you want to sell your art or is it because you want to be known?"  I had to answer "no" to both questions. The truth is that I just wanted to show myself that I could do it.  I have since been encouraged to promote my art as a business but as of this writing I have not decided that I am ready to put myself out there in a big way. So for now I will thank this site for the encouragement and nice comments that helped to get me started again.   Update: i am trying something new. Check out my work here:   flower paintings for sale