Chapel Sentry

View from under the front entrance of the Catholic Chapel aboard Camp Lejeune, NC.

Watercolor on handmade toned paper 8 X 10

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About Max_Azazzy

Max Azzazy is an active duty U.S. Marine who has recently begun drawing again after a 20 year hiatus. 

Max used to draw as a child, copying any pictures or maps that caught his attention.  Within the last two years he was inspired again after seeing a "Best of Drawing" magazine at a local bookstore.  This led to the discovery of the Old Masters and their amazing drawings.  After several years of thinking he was "left brained" and beginning to prepare for a post military career in finance,  life events and the re-discovery of the "right brained inner child yearning to draw" has made him re-examine who he is and where he is going.

Due to Max's current profession, he has had to become almost a completely self taught artist, sketching in far away places and seeking instruction thru internet sources or books.  His preferred mediums are charcoal and pen/ink, but experimentation with conte crayon and mixed media washes have recently been tried as well.  While in Afghanistan recently, Max's diversion from stressful days was to work thru Bargue's plates in the "Drawing Course", some of which can be seen in the member gallery here at Artist Daily.