This is my personal interpretation of what I feel is happening politically around me.  My perspective is that many people are witnessing change of unprecedented proportions.

The Statue of Liberty symbolizes freedom, hope, light and a new life to people throughout the world. She has stepped down from her pedestal and position of welcoming due to her painful awareness of what is taking place around her and in preparation for what is to come.  She cries for the future of the children within the Country she was once so proud to welcome others to with her outstretched arm. Her lights have been broken and damaged. Her tear contains the Liberty Bell which symbolizes the trickling loss of liberties and freedom within her Country.  She swaddles a new born baby within the American flag.  The flag begins brilliantly surrounding the baby providing protection from the outside elements. As the flag continues to flow down it has been ripped shred by shred slowly destroying the full glory, protection and symbolism of the America flag. The flag is missing some stars and some of the stars have become crooked. Upon her chest is a button containing the words hope. The button is broken in half representing the broken hope of the people. In the background the city lights are shining full and bright representing life as usual for some of the people who have not noticed that the Statue has even moved. Also within the background is a fig tree representing Israel that her Country has helped to split in half.  Knowing the repercussions of the fig tree being split… she stands for a moment looking upward quietly saying a prayer before she disappears into the night.

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I was born in Elgin Illinois and moved to North Carolina with my family when I was five-years old. Although my mother has stated that I began drawing earlier, I clearly remember drawing as early as age four. My greatest artistic influence as a child was the great drawings and/or paintings by Gustave Dorà and Michelangelo.