Chance Meeting in Fan Tan Alley

Oils on Canvas 24"x36"

It was quite strange how this painting came to be. I was inspired by Sargent's painting 'A street in Venice' and one morning as I was staring intently at his painting, I decided to head to China town's Fan tan alley to see what the possibilities were for a painting. I took my camera with to take a few pics to work out the logistics of my painting. On my way there, I imagined the girl I would like to pose for my painting and the clothes she'd wear. As I raised my camera and manually set my focus, the girl I imagined stepped into my view finder. I was completely blown away. It was as if I had conjured her up in my mind's eye and viola, there she appeared!

I took this image outside, there seems to be a bit of a blue haze over it, looks way better in person.

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About Naomi

Born in Zambia and raised in southern Africa. I began my artistic career in the textile industry, as a textile designer. I later worked in ceramics, painting, glazing and firing  urns, vases, tea-sets and dinner ware, all covered in exotic fruit and flowers and African designs. Then one day my brother gave me a set of oils for my birthday and before I knew it I was hooked. Unfortunately I went thru ten years of my life on a bipolar roller-coaster ride I couldn't control and my paintbrushes were lost on the way. I started painting again ten years ago, starting from scratch. Unlike Van Gogh, I couldn't paint when in a depression. There has been periods of lost time since then, sometimes I lose Six months at a time. But do eventually bounce back and paint profusely trying to make up for lost time. The daily paintings forced me to keep painting even during the worst depression. A year since i wrote this and I found that since i've been working under kino flo lights, my moods have improved. It's 5500k which is ideal natural day light for painting.

 Talking about daily paintings, best thing I ever did. My skill level improved ten fold. I recommend this practice to anyone wanting to improve their skill, speed and discipline. During spring and summer I paint en plein air every day - there's something so wonderful about being outdoors and painting all the beauty around me. I loooooove painting landscapes, more than anything :)

Presently I'm working on portraits, trying to upgrade my skills in this area.