Chair and Flowers composition

This piece was a composition that I painted using acrylics.  Although they can't be seen in the photo I have used zipper teeth along some of the lines to create an unexpected effect.  You don't really notice them in real life until the light hits them although it does give a nice defining effect to the areas where I have used them.

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About Kristina Ryan

Except for a short period of dabbling with painting about 20 years ago my artistic experiences have focused mostly in the crafts area.  Recently I decided craft design wasn't fulfilling enough and so I've found myself going full circle by coming back to painting.  I have to admit, it's where I am more comfortable being even though I am probably approaching it the hard way by being untrained.  Still, the learning process is there regardless of whether you're self-taught or formally trained so I suffer my inexperience by exploring techniques and subjects.