"Cezia II"

"Cezia II"

As you can tell from its title, this rather quick painting was my second attempt at painting this model.  I may post the first attempt some time for comparison.  The setting was a watercolor workshop with a three and a half hour timeframe to work in.

There is a lot I like about this painting not the least of which is the way her face and upper chest captured the ambient light despite the extensive amount of white area surrounding her.  Her expression, while a rather typical "deer-in-the-headlights" workshop pose, still instills a sense of her really concentrating on someone or thing just out of view.  She is rigidly focused but still "natural" enough to make the setting work.  At least I see it that way.  And thirdly, I am really pleased with the colors in her face and neck.  The way the colors work and naturally blend together is the "magic" of watercolor that keeps me coming back.

As is typical for me in a workshop setting, you can see from the relative quality of the drawing and painting that I spent a majority of the alloted time on her head and neck areas.  As you scan down toward her hands you can see that I had to speed up the drawing/painting process a bit as time ran out.  It seems to never fail.  I know that one should move around the painting during its creation to achieve a unified look but, what can I say?

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