"Cezia I"

"Cezia I"
13"H x 9"W

This is the first attempt at painting this wonderful model named Cezia.  Unfortunately the workshop where this was done was running against the clock so the alloted time for the project was severely limited.  That, of course, created the challenge of how fast can you draw and paint.  Add to that the fact that she was looking directly at me during the entire process and I felt like it was a pressure cooker environment.  But, oddly enough,  I still like the painting.  It certainly isn't one of my better executed efforts but there is a certain "something" about her look in this setting that seriously captures my attention.  I hope you too can find something similar about it.  Compare this effort with "Cezia II" which was painted the next day and where the full alloted time was available   Comments are welcome.

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