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J. Glenn

About J. Glenn

I like to paint pictures.
I've had a passion for creating art my entire life and it is my dream to make a living at it. I was born in Kentucky and have lived in the city of Berea since the age of thirteen. My fondness for small town life is coupled with my desire to travel the world and my work seems to be influenced equally by both. I studied art and graphic design at Spencerian College in ...Lexington, Ky. My paintings have been featured in numerous art shows and exhibitions throughout the years.

I work mostly with acrylics on canvas, although sometimes I like to use good old ink and paper. I enjoy acrylics because they are bright, bold, extremely versatile and accurately depict the mood I want my paintings to convey.

In some of my work I use bright, vivid colors, in others I use high contrast black and white. It all depends on what I want the painting to express. People tell me my work has an illustrative quality about it. I try to paint emotion. Some might say my style is modern or contemporary or even pop. I'm not sure. I'd like to think that my style is ever changing. I'm still growing, learning and aging along with my craft.
-J. Glenn