Casa Cosmos Sunset

Sunset painting from Mexico.

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Ed Terpening

About Ed Terpening

Painting diverse landscapes “en plein air” (in one sitting, on location) is my passion.  California’s hills scattered with oak trees, bay marshes, and of course our beautiful coastline provide me constant inspiration.  I apply my contemporary California Impressionist skills both outdoors and in the studio for larger works.

I seek to capture the essence of a location and time by painting the movement, rhythm and color harmonies unique to that day.  To my eye, the disparate elements in the landscape (land, sea, and sky) have an interchange and relationship that is fascinating and inspirational.  Each effects the other and work in harmony.  That’s why I’ll often paint the same location again during the year several times.  As the seasonal fauna come and go, and the weather changes, the color harmonies are endless!  My early music training and career established my perception of “visual rhythm”, which I strive to represent in every painting. It’s the interesting interchange between all elements of the landscape that create these rhythms and provide the perception of movement in what otherwise might be considered a photographic still.

As a collector myself of early California art, I follow the traditions set by the innovators such as Edgar Payne, Colin Campbell Cooper, Seldon Gile, Tom Tompson and in particular the seascapes of Franz Bischoff, Paul Dougherty, Joseph Kleitsch, Armin Hansen, John O’Shea and Alfred Mitchell. I’m grateful to these men and women for the inspirational legacy they’ve created.  I also admire contempory plein air artists, such as Edward Seago, Fred Cuming, Ken Auster, Joseph Mendez, Ovanes Berberian, Don Stone, Ted Goerschner and Camille Przewodek.