Candle light on a table of fruit

All these paintings are inspired by cancer as you could read about my wife's cancer at

This still life picture is a good description of those that face cancer and mortality.

Life sort of stops and you look around and you appreciate the simple and beautiful things all around you. Light here represents beauty as it allows us to enjoy all that is around us that deserves our utmost appreciation. The candle light also represents wisdom and enlightenment that is important to live a full life in satisfaction and happiness in spite of health or the lack of. We are but a fragile vase made by the potters hand and fed with the fruit of His making. No one ever appreciates life till you come to love the simple things of life made by our Creator.

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Hope Through Cancer

About Hope Through Cancer

"Original Oil Paintings" by Claude Jacques, a French Canadian Artist inspired by cancer. All the different paintings have a reason why they were chosen. When facing mortality, reality sets in and brings out the true facts and joys of life. Everything is seen in a better perspective. These  paintings are accompanied with a certificate of authenticity, along with the story behind it. The stage 3C Cancer diagnosed in his wife inspired them to reach out to others that were on the same journey in life.