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ball point pen art on paper

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Babis Kiliaris

About Babis Kiliaris

• Babis Kiliaris was born in Chios, Greece in 1958

During 1982-83 he attended painting and scene-painting under the supervision of Yannis Tsarouchis in Ionian Center of Chios.

Since 1983 he has shown 12 individual exhibitions, he participated in many group exhibitions of Chian Artists and in two National (Zappio, Parnassos1997). The scene-painting of many theatrical and dancing shows was looked after by him as well as for a number of years the tourist kiosk of Chios at the International Exhibition of Thessaloniki and the local carnival of Thimiana (MOSTRA).

Mainly he use acrylic paint in canvas also he has shown very interesting exhibits using watercolors, oil pastel, watercolor pencils, india ink, colaz and trash art creates. Also he has worked with emboss copper, pyrography on leather and mixed 3d media (cut-outs).

He was cooperator in many architectural firms and in local TV and radio studios, while as graphic artist he has worked in most of the advertising firms and printing offices of Chios. Lately he works on PC Graphics and animation.

Also he has been working as tutor in the painting workshops of Homerion Cultural Center of Chios and of other local Cultural Clubs. Since April 1994 he was provided from the mayor of Chios the place for the management of the Municipal Art Gallery of Chios town