Butterflies and Bamboo

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Rita Drolet

About Rita Drolet

My name is Rita Drolet I was born and raised in Frankfurt-Germany. Art been an
important part of my life since I can remember.
All of the cards in my shop are my original designs. Some of my artwork design
Ideas  come from vintage postcards that I’ve modified and edited..

I am not good with words or give a lengthy description of my paintings, I just paint
what makes me happy and hope that you enjoy my work
I've always been drawn to vibrant colors
I love expressing what I feel in my paintings.
I take pride in every piece of my work and take my time to perfect all my pieces.

Over the years I have painted different styles, realistic, impressionist,
Lately I began to forgo my desire that I wanted my paintings to look like a
I decided, to experiment with contemporary abstract images of nature and People
and have found it more satisfying to make it more original and one of a kind

My paintings have been collected by people from all over the world