Bufka Farm

6×8 Oil 

Hello everyone and Happy New Year !   This is a plein air painting I did this past summer.  It is located about 20 mile northwest of Traverse City, Michigan  It's a beautiful old farm built in the 1880's.  It also has about six other buildings on the property which are classic subjects for future paintings as well.  I also launched a blog today with another painting.  I hope you will check it out.  The link is:    www.daniabree.blogspot.com

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About dania bree


I obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Environment and Design; as well as, a Bachelor of Art Degree with a focus on the arts and architectural history and an emphasis in painting.  My educational experience also included a two month European study which enhanced my knowledge of historical buildings and the master painters.  I traveled to Florence, Italy and Paris, France researching the Greco-Roman influences in St. Paul’s Cathedral by Christopher Wren in London, England.  London, Florence and Paris also provided endless opportunities to observe masterful works of art in their original settings.  Other areas of interest encouraged me to travel to Amsterdam in the Province of North Holland, Netherlands to study the Dutch-Flemish Painters.  I also visited Edinburgh, Scotland for its’ lush landscapes and additional architectural history.  Impressionism was another source of inspiration for me.

During my career in the automative industry, I was also fortunate to use my free time to travel to such places as Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, Montana and Oklahoma City; the western landscape and western historical painters began to have a dramatic impact in my life.  In the Santa Fe and Taos region I was impressed by Paul Strisk and Walt Gonske.  Attending an exhibit at the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma intensified my respect for these painters and more. A new passion had evolved in me and I started to pursue my own personal study of landscape painting.  In the fall of 2005, my travels took me to Wyoming where I had a private Plein-Air workshop with an artist who had studied with other local Jackson Hole, Wyoming professional artist such Scott Christensen and Greg McHuron.  In the summer of 2009 I participated in a Workshop with Bob Rohm.

From these experiences I began my own journey by studying Old Maters such as Edgar Payne, John F. Carlson and Robert Henri.  Painting has always been an intriguing challenge of capturing its endless characters and moods that can no doubt go beyond a lifetime.  Now that I am retired, I plan on spending as much time painting and enjoying the efforts of other artists.  I can’t think of anything else that can be more enriching.