Buffet in Barrow

Polar bear and seagulls dining on bow whale carcass

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Matthew Read

About Matthew Read

Art has always been a retreat for me. I have practiced ever since I could hold a pencil; however, I have only been painting for about 3 years. My formal art education is limited, but I constantly study the works of others and gain information through many publications.
I strive to create a feeling for the viewer by bringing emotion and conviction to the paintings. The subject matter is derived from many things...people I observe, places I have been, or just interpreted thoughts that seem to pop up. My personal struggles, over the years, come into play as well, although not always in a direct manner. 
I like the use of oils, on canvas or canvas board,but sometimes may dabble with other mediums and surfaces.
My main goal is to never limit myself by "style or subject", but rather just cultivate my techniques and allow the viewer to change perspective along with me.I consider myself an emerging artist. I have been practicing art my entire life, but now trying to persue it for more than just recreation. I hope to evolve as an artist and never become complacent in my approach. I am working on a website, newsletter, etc., and will update status accordingly.  I hope to see many viewers and would love any comments you have. I will be actively viewing others work and commenting as well.