"Broken Barn" Watercolor 30" x 22"

Here's another watercolor of an old barn, pushing the abstract composition and negative space.  It's painted on a colored Twinrocker watercolor paper. 

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Kathryn Clark

About Kathryn Clark

Kathryn Clark was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana and received BFA and MFA degrees in fine art.  In 1971, she and her husband founded Twinrocker Handmade Paper and were central to the revival of handmade paper in America.  Twinrocker is a leader in its field world wide and is respected for making the highest quality artist papers.

Most of her professional life was involved with developing and making archival, cotton rag artist papers and papers for custom, limited edition books.  She did find some time to paint, but didn't focus on that until recently when she handed the Twinrocker reins to her successor. In the 1970's and 80's, Kathryn developed many innovative techniques for using color paper pulps to create finished art works.  She exhibited those works in galleries and invitational exhibitions throughout  the United States, Great Britain, Japan, including the Smithsonian, Exhibits USA, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, the Leopold-Hoesch Museum in West Germany, the American Craft Museum, a U.S. State Dept. traveling exhibition, etc.  In addition, her art work has been discussed and represented in sixty-four books, magazines, and periodicals.

When Twinrocker Handmade Paper began making watercolor paper in 1985, Kathryn began painting watercolors to test the papers.  She soon fell in love with the medium and has been painting ever since.  Today, Kathryn exhibits art works in watercolor, graphite, and more recently oil.  She now paints out of doors, directly from nature, "plein air", as much as possible.  In the few years she's focused on her painting, she's won several awards.  In 2007, she won two "Best of Show" awards, one from the Indiana Plein Air Painters "First Brush of Spring" in New Harmony, Indiana, the other from the Wabash Valley Watercolor Society.  But her paintings will speak for themselves.  Enjoy!  My Web Site is www.kathrynclarkfineart.com.

Also, I now have a Google Blog to discuss the characteristics of paper, terminology, and which qualities work well with various drawing and painting tools and materials.  I'm also happy to answer questions that readers have about paper, whether it's handmade or machinemade.  My blog also includes photos of drawings and paintings by me and others.   There is a link to it from my web site or people can go to it directly with www.kathrynclarkfineart.blogspot.com.