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Bryan Dubreuiel

About Bryan Dubreuiel

What style am I? I do not have a style, I have ideas that I put on canvas. I paint out of pure drive and passion.
I won numerous honors and awards in my early years, but put my passion on hold to serve this wonderful country. Throughout my military career, I have been involved with and contributed through the Combined Federal Campaign supporting the Children's Cancer Fund and the National Children's Leukemia Foundation.
In 2005, after major back surgery and becoming partially paralyzed on my right side, most would think this would stop the passion process of my painting. Actually, it made me paint even more; it is just harder now to hold a brush and takes longer to finish a painting.
Now being an internationally collected artist and a 20-year retired veteran of the US Navy, I spend all of my free time putting my passion on canvas and writing.
Now living in the Austin,TX. area, I am still contributing some proceeds in a continued effort to help fight and cure Childhood Cancer.