Bow Rider

When I was a young kid in the Navy there were evenings when we were at sea, and if the moon hit the Ocean just right there would be billions of small lights on the water. As a kid from the mountains of Pennsylvania I was mesmerized by what I thought was a phenomenon, but it wasn't. It would look like the entire Ocean was covered with diamonds.  What was taking place was billions of tiny sea creatures that would be illuminated by the moon called biolumenescence.  I never forgot those nights between refueling aircraft carriers, cruisers and destroyers when it would get so peaceful as I would sit on the bow of the ship.  I tried to recapture that feeling in this painting.  I was fortunate to have experienced it on a number of occasions, but also waves as tall as 4 story buildings and then some. 

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After serving in the United States Navy during the Vietnam Conflict I pursued a career in commercial art.  For 35 years I have been a designer, art director, creative director, executive and then decided to go out on my own which I have never regretted. The only advice I can give to anyone who is just starting a career in the arts is to Follow Your Bliss. I never listened to, or associated with, negative people who continuously talk about defeat and negativity. It's a disease.  The arts are a tremendously challenge but also provide tremendous opportunities. If your goal is life is strictly to make money go become an Investment Banker or Lawyer.  On the other hand if you want fulfillment, spirituality without having to practice an organized religion, a true sense of feeling a certain of degree of Freedom, and possibly making a contribution to something bigger than yourself,  try the arts.   

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