Boat, Waiting

Impressionism : 11X15 Acrylic on canvas technique. It's summer, and I want to go fishing – just sitting quietly in my boat, under some trees, waiting for a big one to strike.

I have decided to adjust the images I have been uploading- They have been 74 PPI/DPI or less – this causes them to pixilate when enlarged. From now on, I will be uploading images with about 300 PPI, which should allow enlarging to see accurate details. I have done this image at 300 PPI.

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When I was 13, I was given a paint-by-number for xmas. This was a new thing, and I found I liked painting - but the numbered "squares" were too tedious. I turned it over, painted a scene I was looking at, and have painted ever since. I studied in Europe as well as Hawaii, New Mexico, & California. For many years, I had my own Graphic Art business, where I did everything from designing & lay-out to Art Directing publications & newspapers. I moved to Houston in the early 90's to "Semi-retire". Well, that didn't work out at first, and I found myself doing Murals and Commissioned paintings in high-end homes for several years. Now I really am retired, and paint just what I like (Except for commissions, which I still like to do). Among those who have collected my work: L.A. Times Corp., Beverly Hills Post Group,Dolly Parton, Dionne Warwick, Sarah Vaughn, Carmen McRae, Robert S. Woods, Bank of America, Calif., Northgate Forest CC,Houston, The Gulbergs, Houston, Dr.Robt.Bell, Houston, My Web Site - .  E_M add is , or, , or