Blue Mesa creek

2009, Original 12" x 16" pastel on sanded paper (Richesons Unison, 140lb).
Blue Mesa creek is a deep canyon with a clear desert stream running through it. The scene becomes alive with color as the sun finds its way onto a rocky beach.
The rocks are real, the rest is my imagination. I arranged a handful of rocks on my studio table (hence the name "Mesa") and used my memory for the feel of a deep desert canyon. I've spent much time traveling and camping in the American southwest. TD Wilson

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TD Wilson

About TD Wilson

In my early 20s I used my artistic talent to sustain me while camping as a lifestyle. During this period of my life I rode a motorcycle, lived in a tent and painted (usually watercolors) the world around me. As an avid bird watcher, I would try to incorporate local birds into my paintings. I could always sell or trade paintings for food and gas money and was free to roam wherever I wanted.
Eventually I made my way to Europe where I spent over a year indulging my adventurous spirit. However, one has to settle down some day, so now I live a normal life with family and friends, but I’ve been forever touched by my travels and the insight it gives my art.