Blue Grass Guitar Picker

I was inspired to paint this after attending a Blue Grass Festival in Adams, Tn.  When I was there I photographed the pickers and painted from the photos some years later.  An acrylic painting 22" x 28" on canvas.  

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Janet Felts

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My artwork is about simple pleasures in life, which most of us can relate to. Relationships, nature, and music are intriguing to me as an artist.  As a native of Tennessee, music is a part of who I am.  Music continues to be a recurring theme in my work.

I prefer to work in pen & ink, but I also work with watercolors, color-pencil and acrylic.  I started out as a Graphic Artist, and then I taught Visual Art and Digital Art in the public school systems in both Tennessee and Georgia.  I am now retired and returning to what I love to do, draw and paint.

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#11 Strawberry Alley
Erin, TN 37061

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