Blue Bird

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Sonia Palik

About Sonia Palik




Born in Sherbrooke, Quebec , Canada of European parents,  Sonia is influenced by many cultures.  Her paintings are inspired by her many travels and of the Canadian landscapes.


She usually paints with vibrant and lively colors.  When she is painting, she feels a deep sense of relaxation and happiness and her goal is for the viewer to see the colors of her life through her art. .  Sonia’s reason for painting is to catch the mood and mystery of a place and time sometimes real sometimes imagined.


Sonia continues to explore and evolve in her art. She paints in both oils and acrylics.  She has found a soft and emotional way of expressing peace and tranquility in her paintings of ponds, swamps, fog and mist.  When she paints, she gets lost in all her emotions and her love of nature, and landscapes and her passion for color and mystery is unveiled to the viewer. At times she likes to paint in a more precise and exact way especially when she has a special order for a portrait or animals