Blooms peep out

Done in watercolor. 16" x 12". Somewhat of a loose painting for me, done in about 3 hours at a window, without any additional lighting. It was a cloudy day and the afternoon light was not bright. The blue vase for growing bulbs in, also had that extra special color, as I wanted to keep the flowers muted. I drew in the composition, painted the vase and the flowers, then did the background. I layered in the colors in the background to go dark on the left, but also to leave space for the reflection of the vase and flowers in the glass window. Finally I painted in the reflection, somewhat lighter than the flowers on the left, because it was not mirror-like, but duller.

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I love to paint in watercolor and in oils. My favorite subjects are nature and architecture. Often I paint en plein air, but I also love to do studio paintings.