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Adriano Farinella

About Adriano Farinella


I approach painting landscapes as a spiritual practice; a meditation focused on making the work resonate with more than just the physical effects of light on land and sky, in essence, more metaphysics than physics.

If the sky is a metaphor for consciousness, the clouds then represent the infinite ideas, inspirations, emotions, and choices available at any moment. They are full of purpose and presence but are in constant motion, perpetually changing and evolving into some other form, and yet, ultimately remaining themselves. They are at once the beginning of things and the end of things. This impermanence serves as the path to the unnameable essence that is realized when one is truly present and simply aware of the vastness and the purpose of everything.

The filter of memory helps transcend the obstacles of time and space. By cultivating the art of memory, the feeling of a time and place becomes more prominent than the actual place itself and the temporal gives way to the eternal. So the paintings become less landscape and more atmospheres. The clouds become figures who have been painted at a time in their lives and who, like human figures, are born, live for a time, change frequently, and then leave.

I am most inspired by paying attention to the present moment, and to the evolution of memory and imagination. I strive to make the paintings passionate and peaceful bridges to and from memory.