Blending In

From Character Defect Series.  

I am in a 12 step program, in which I explore my faults and character defects: the sins that I struggle with on a regular basis.  In this program I have been forced to face myself as I am, and not to place the blame of my actions on those around me.  Blending in is another one of my coping mechanisms and character defects.  I believe that being able to compromise and blend in among a group can be a positive and cooperative way to work together as a whole, but I took it much farther than this.  I became someone I was not, would pretend and change my opinions to match those I was around so that they had no reason to reject or hate me.  I lived in fear of rejection, so blending in and becoming who I was with was my way of avoiding it.

I chose a chameleon to represent this for obvious reasons.  A chameleon is a master at camouflage and blending in with its environment.  He is natures shapeshifter.   I placed my colorful chameleon in a background of pattern and color matching its skin so that the viewer would have a sense of it blending into its surroundings.  

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Danielle Forbes

About Danielle Forbes

Danielle Forbes is painter and printmaker based in Columbus, Ohio.  Her work explores human character defects, representing them in animal form.  Her mediums of choice are acrylic paints or relief printing, and her style is an expressive realism.  She enjoys dabbling in pattern and high contrast images.  Danielle is a stay-at-home-mom who paints, draws, and prints in her home studio.  She has a bachelor's degree in Fine Art from Columbus College of Art and Design, where she also minored in Art Therapy.  Psychology and spiritual growth often influence her subject matter.