Biloxi Lighthouse "Katrina"

This is an experimental piece not my usual style. This depicts the Biloxi lighthouse as it was being hit during Katrina.

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Barbara Samples

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I was born in Zion Illinois but moved back to my parents hometown of Baldwyn MS. This tiny town is just north of Tupelo MS. I grew up around Brice's Crossroads battlefield riding horses, rescuing animals, and learning what art is all about! I begged for anything I could make something with as a child, teen and still as an adult! lol I believe in looking at the bright side of life! (Glass half full kind of gal!) I finally got to study with a couple of local artist as a teen learning to paint portraits from one and landscapes from the other. After years of marriage and children, my brother Charles Allen Samples (an amazing artist in his own right), talked me into joining him at college for some classes. I did and won a scholarship to attend classes there based on my portfolio. My line drawings were used by one of my professors while teaching his Art appreciation classes. I attended ICC for a year and was a member of Phi Theta Kappa, The Arts Club, an Ms Artists Guild. Because of a devastating head-on collision with a drunk driver I stopped painting for over 17 years. With the love and support of my family and friends I started painting again. I have had to relearn the technical side of painting and this was not easily done. In fact I am still learning and hope to learn until I am gone from this earth. My health has allowed me to continue painting and I am loving it more every day. Please encourage emerging artists and even artists who have been around for a long time. We all like it when our hard work is appreciated and love it when it is admired! May God bless you all with the abundance you deserve!