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Nat Friedman

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I began painting in 1946 and am completely self-taught. Most of the years to 1990 were spent at best as a weekend painter, and perhaps created 25 paintings. I started in oils and watercolor, and when acrylics became available in the mid 1950's,  became an avid advocate. During the 40+ years as a printing executive I became a self-taught commercial artist, and am adept at pen & ink and airbrush. When I retired in 1990 to Florida I became a serious painter with well over 100 pieces. I devote part of my time to stained glass (which I also teach to seniors) and ceramics. I have been an accomplished woodworker for over 65 years, but am now limited due to health problems. I continue to paint in acrylics, watercolor, gouache, casien and (water miscible) oil, and do all my own framing and mat cutting.