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Watercolor on 1/2 sheet (15" X 22") 140lb cold pressed paper.

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Sherise Walden

About Sherise Walden

I picked up my first paint brush December 2006.
I did two oils, and one acrylic. Then I discovered watercolor.
I love the way it dose what it wants. And I have to work with it's choice.

I was taught that art was a waist of time and money and the privet school I attended did not have art. "How wrong my parents are."
In Dec. 2006 I was visiting with my family in Florida when I saw a TV show on PBS about painting with watercolor. I went to the local fine art supply store and purchased everything I needed including a book on watercolor. The gentleman behind the counter asked if I was a painter, I said "no but I want to learn". Then he showed me how to layout my palette and how to use the paint. After an hour I left and the rest of the story is on watercolor paper.