Bathing Oil in Graphite pencil

After not drawing for 12 years this is my first attempted at getting back into the game I kept the subject simple. All done with graphite pencil

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About Nalanti

I have always enjoyed art in it's various forms but for many years have not done any work at the age of 33 I decided it's time to start again. I'm very rusty but will hopefully improve, even with the human body which I seem to have a lot of trouble with. My favorite media is graphite pencil and also a bit of acrylics. I also enjoy writing poetry you can find my work here . I also do some photography but after severe damage to my camera I have not been able to do so on a regular basis you can find some of my photography work here

In my daily life I'm a mother of three ages 10, 8, 5 and wife to a husband. I work half day as an admin clerk for my dad's business and spend the rest of the day doing the thing expected from a mother. Though I live a busy life I try to take time everyday to spend with all of my hobbies.