Barn Cat

8X10 acrylic–My first painting, this was originally a mouse.  My family didn't like a mouse hanging on the wall, so I painted a cat over the mouse.  It amuses me that there is a mouse under the painting of the cat right where his tummy is.

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Jen Hampton

About Jen Hampton

My name is Jen Hampton.  I took up painting a couple of years ago in my mid 50's. I don't have any training except to credit my mother, who was a self-trained artist.  She made sure to point out to her children how to closely observe and appreciate nature, so the years weren't entirely wasted. Three out of the six of us took after her.

I am a super-busy Stein Mart manager, so I've only produced a handful of paintings.  I joined an art league to be able to display something. That must seem like a pretty modest goal, but I found it thrilling.   When I walked in with "Indian Corn # 1", they said, "Wow, that's big."  

Oh dear, that's not what I had rehearsed in my head. 

I've got this dumb progressive "eye thing" so I need to push myself now on my art.  My goals are 1) Paint something decent so that my family can say I was an artist and 2) Sell a painting.

I get so much joy out of viewing the Artist Daily gallery and participating in the commentary, I just want to say God bless you all for the beautiful artwork I get to look at daily.