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Drew alot as a kid but my focus shifted to sports as I got older, luckily my doodeling and sketching has been somewhat intact throughout my life. My love for drawing and art came back this year(2014)and has grown steadily day by day. I get a lot of inspiration from the old masters and I am particularly ispired by classical realism drawings and paintings. My favourite art quote is from DaVinci and he says: "Art is never finished, only abandoned." I like that quote because time is one of my major issues and something I need to work on alot if I want to get better. I read that Tony Ryder used 12 times 3 hour sessions for his figure drawings.. I go crazy after a few hours! But thats my goal anyway, to just relax and enjoy the ride, no stress, doing what I love to do. Thank you for looking at my little scribblings! See you around :-)