Banana Spider in a Shrub

I was trying to paint a life sized Banana Spider which had spun a web near a shrub and transformer by the house and was also inspired by a member artist that had painted some chickens in a "quick free form way" that actually took alot of planning.  So I decided on a plan: to paint the spider seriously and then try to loosen up with the shrubs.  After doing the spider, I painted the lights and darks, then added greens, then added light and dark leafy looking objects and finally to add distance added some florets with a pallete knife.  Not sure if I ended up with a children's drawing or just had a good therapy session…

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Born in '48 and was a child of the 60's.  Played rock guitar to put myself through college.  Industrial and research chemist for 30 years.  Semi retired in 2003 and took art lessons for 3 years.  Went on 2 year hiatus to teach chemistry lab at UWF and have gotten back into it this year.  I switched to classical guitar back in 1972 and am an active player with the local jazz society and do about 4-6 shows a month.  Still make money with chemistry and music but am still trying to make back cost of art lessons and supplies doing art projects...