Bahia Calma. Oil 3×4 feet. 2010.

Latest Commissioned work, hope you´ll like it, the Custommer did, so I did as well, considering, I´m not always in the mood for Commissioned work, anyway, the idea is all mine, so that made it all much easier. Bahia Calma is "Calm Bay", it really doesn´t exist, it was all made-up in my mind helped by  "My Amazing Powers of Observation" ! (Pink Floyd came-up with that in the old days of yore !, lol !). Carlos.

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Hi Everybody !, Greetings from this side of Paradise !. Luckily, I was bornt in the very best part of Central Mexico !. Yes we do have the best climate in the world !. You too would love it here, no doubt about it. Anyway, I `ve been Drawing and Painting aaalll my life. I used to be a Pro Photographer in Mexico City for about 10 years, My Serious-Hobby is to Compose Music, and I have made some Sculpture as well, just for fun, let`s say. I have taught a couple of summer courses at my local "Casa de la Cultura", when I`ve felt like doing it, and oddly enough, I do have a couple of Fishing Rods (seldom used !, ha-ha). Well, that`s about it for the moment, thanks for your kind attention. Carlos.